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Kuerbiskern Eis (Pumpkin Seed Ice Cream)

My favourite dessert whilst staying in Austria I actually stumbled upon by accident. I had been taken to a restaurant called Herlwirt, in Ligist, and was scouting out the dessert menu. I noticed that there was an ice cream with pumpkin seeds on the menu and since Styrian pumpkin seeds are so highly regarded I… Weiterlesen Kuerbiskern Eis (Pumpkin Seed Ice Cream)

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Kuerbiskern Parmesan Chicken Nuggets

(For German see below) After Julian and I decided that we would like to start a food/nutrition blog the first question we asked ourselves was “what recipe should we try out first?” After much debate and scouring over different recipes we had looked up on the net or seen in books, we decided to use… Weiterlesen Kuerbiskern Parmesan Chicken Nuggets